Tuesday, April 19, 2011

life love literature

life. love. literature.

any time I'm feeling stagnated, I can find new energy in one of these. I crave them. and they, my passion starters, tend to each send me the same way regardless of which one I started with. I fall in love with a person that leads me to a new thing about life. or I decide I love life and start writing better literature. or I read a book that alters me so much I can actually categorize my life into before and after I read it sections.

how many books have really changed your life? have you read a book that sat in your mind for months after the pages closed? I've got a handful like that. and interestingly enough they were almost always gifts from friends, both transient and steady. and so they were gifts from God.

I was given a book 6 years ago that made me look at the way I ate for the first time. my dad turned me onto what is now my favorite book by my favorite author, a small reminder that it's OK to be nuts and in your own head. (thank you Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger) A dear literary friend showed me the fruits of a favorite poet that has so well verbalized so many things that live in me (thank you, Frank O'hara) to name just a few...

bits of literature change you. the good ones anyway... and I want to tell you about the one that's changing me right now. For my birthday last week I was given a book that lit me up in so many different ways. by a person that also lit me up in so many different ways.

reading it was like being able to successfully see the whole world in a very nice swaddle. I cried. I got angry. I laughed. and I walked away with a new and better understanding of where I stand in the world and particularly the (what is it now?) 60 % portion of it that are female. The book is the Vagina Monologues. Read it. whether you are a man or a woman, get past the use of the "V" word and pick up this book. you'll thank me later.

then came this...

I have found a new fascination in what may be the ultimate life experience. giving birth. (no, I'm not pregnant, but how cool is it that I someday could be?!). more on this and what I plan to do about it later...

just mentioning it to tell you I'm in a love with a new facet of life, due to a piece of literature.

these 3 things that keep me alive in the most important ways you can be alive can switch places, throw the ball around and start wherever they please. But they always bring me to a place I need to go.

I'll be honest in that I lost structure at some point here because my sleeping meds are kicking in. which just means goodnight. and a call to action sign off.

buy someone a book. send someone a poem. send someone an article. send someone something that has changed who you are. we've all got to help keep each other afloat down here as we are all completely connected and intertwined.

let me throw an OM in here to prove it. OM.............

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  1. I love The Vagina Monologues! FYI - Every February (usu around Valentine's Day) the U of U and institutions all over the world put on performances of the monologues to raise awareness about violence against women. The performances are very worth watching :)


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