Tuesday, May 3, 2011

life and sunshine

there have been low points in my life, they sometimes come often and hit hard. and sometimes I spiral so deep inside myself that I actually get lost. and then something happens... and everything is better.

I think it has something to do with not having expectations, learning to roll with the punches, etc., etc. and that something... well it just happened. and everything is somehow better.

the past 6 days have been a lovely sampling of all the best bits of life... including sunshine, children, yoga, and a beach romance.

my dry mountain winter skin had forgotten about the kiss of sunshine, so I spent the week pink skinned and barefoot. 

I also spent the week remembering all the reasons I practice yoga, and all the reasons I live life. and forgetting all the reasons why I am "tainted", or "broken", or "ruined".

somehow what happened wasn't who I was. even if just for a few days. I walked on the beach at night with a boy (I should say, a man) and didn't feel the rush of anxiety I had anticipated. I took a break from my deprecating addiction to technology by ignoring my phone and not checking my e-mail.

all that stuff just didn't seem relevant in the sand strewn beach house, surrounded with friendship and laughter. I breathed easier, and deeper, and with more appreciation there. I existed in the moment, and the moment kept me suspended in the air for 6 healing days.

it was just the cathartic push I needed to finally exit the cave I've been living in for the past 7 months.

in other words: 
I'm back... keep your eyes peeled. I've got a feeling it's going to be a hell of a summer. :)

for your viewing pleasure....

 my favorite child ever.

 the whole crew

Ashtanga Workshop at Jois with Sharat.


  1. partner yoga is so sexy.
    so is a beach romance.

  2. Can I just tell you how happy it makes me...seeing you holding a child?? hahah. Never thought I'd see the day... :)


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