Sunday, May 8, 2011


I spoke here about the some of the subtle lessons my mom has taught me over the years. 

(The planters my brother John and I planted for her for mothers day)

Today I want to talk about some of the lessons she taught me by simply living her life the best way she knew how. 

 She taught me how to be calm in a storm and make decisions when decisions need to be made. (picture courtesy of the flood in 2010, also known as the year when all the worst things would happen to our family).
She taught me to be independent and explore, even when she didn't agree with me. and then she loved me when all she really wanted to say was "I told you so". (picture courtesy of my goodbye party before leaving to Morocco against mothers wishes)

She taught me that living a simple life full of colors and crafts that make you happy is enough.
 She taught me selflessness in planning around the people you love most.
 She taught how to anticipate needs and always be prepared. (here she is anticipating her grown children's cold fingers and bringing hand warmers, then teaching us how to use them...)

She taught me what it means to be a strong, capable woman. Here she is with her second husband, having just graduated with her masters degree.

She taught all of us to love Disney world.

Not pictured:
She taught me that buying a book is one thing that is never a waste of money.

She taught me how to throw a party with matching plates.

She taught me to manage money (OK, still a work in progress on this one...)

She taught me about faith.

She taught me how to research things before jumping.

and most importantly, she taught me to love myself.

thanks Mom. I love you.

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