Saturday, June 4, 2011

answers to some questions

yes, i am a vegetarian.

yes, i get enough protein.

no, i do not care if you eat meat, so stop trying to bother me by doing so in front of me.

and no, i do not care if you "only eat fish". or whatever. we can still be friends.

why do i do it? lets talk in person about that one.

some of you have asked me what i ate while living in Morocco. Meet Shane....

my Australian flat mate, good friend, and miracle vegetarian chef. Shane and I crossed paths in Morocco last spring and man did i want to take him home with me, but so did every single one of our guests. for that reason he published this cookbook. i just received my copy and can't wait to start re-creating all the delicious vegetarian/vegan recipes he taught me about first hand.

in blog news, thanks for all who entered my iPod giveaway. This lovely lady won by luck of the draw. :) you should check out her blog, she is one of the best writers i know. she is also my former room(bed?)mate, and the major reason i had to courage to even get to Morocco (click here)

in the ridiculous life of Kelsey news, my car got towed last night and it made me cry. and once you start crying it's kind of hard to stop because you remember all the other reasons you have to cry. so i spent a sobby few hours and way too much money retrieving it (a big thanks to this one, and her fiance for toting my weepy self around). so now i plan to become the queen of ksl by selling all the electronics i own but don't know how to use.

wish me luck my cyber friends!

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  1. i get these questions ALL THE TIME. The best is when I'm out to eat with someone I just became friends with, or on a first date, and they're half way through their steak when I they realize I'm a vegetarian. The look on their face, like "OMG do you mind if i eat this" is priceless. No, I don't care what you eat, so stop acting like it must bother me. haha


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