Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fenced in nature

It's lovely here; pressing sunshine, blooming flowers and snow capped mountains. I have but one complaint, one which I ought to take up with myself...

You'll notice in the picture I am on the inside of that wooden fence. But I can see those sturdy mountains. They are mere minutes from my front door, these countless opportunities to explore and play.

I bet you're wondering why I'm still sitting in my back yard then.

It has to do with people and how much I hate them.

Part of the appeal of nature is the time alone with your thoughts. Walking for an entire hour without seeing another soul is one of the most rejuvenating things I know of.

But nature and I had a little problem some months back and now just the thought of being with it all alone sends me into a dizzying thought pattern of irrational fear.

I'm looking hard for some type of compromise or way around all this... But in the meantime I find myself staring at my sanctuary from inside a fence. And that's got me feeling all sorts of conflict and anger.

I MUST find a way to fix this, because I may not make it through a summer spent observing and not doing.

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Location:Provo, Utah


  1. I will go with you. Then we will conquer together, yes?

  2. Keep staying positive! You will conquer it one day. Love your blog Kels!


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