Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i find myself. missing you.

life's gotten simple.
it's turned into a day-to-day shuffle.
just the way i like it.

when life slows down, i get a moment to breathe,
and with breathe comes awareness,
and with awareness comes pain.

can i admit that i'm extremely lonely without sounding the "please be my friend, i'm so sad and pathetic" bell? cause i am. but it's a necessary kind of lonely, and it's a lonely i've been unintentionally carving out for myself a while now. (you may have noticed you dear stragglers that have been holding on for dear life...)

so i'm living a solitary life with but one aim...

learning to love myself again (or maybe for the first time).

i want to fall in love with myself.

i want to love being alone, and love being in a crowd, and love myself at work, and love myself as i wander and shuffle through a lazy, dusty Utah summer. i want to love being me.
tiny eyebrows and all....

and i want, no i need, to do it alone. 

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