Sunday, June 26, 2011

soul stretching

there have been an ample slew of inspirations intruding on me lately.

between the green of my little mountain home town and the whispers of newness and life in my ears; i find myself overwhelmed, over come and maybe a little over extended.

{the back of Timpanogas in Utah}

my words don't seem enough these days. they prance loudly like inaccurate stabs at the human condition. 
but that won't stop me from trying. again and again and again.
living with unkempt contempt, bigger each sentence. 

there is heat and turbulence in my solar plexus, and it shakes like a growing muscle.

it occurs to me there are ways to avoid all this. and then i remember i tried those; they didn't work. 
so i suppose i'm resigned to the constant state of gooey malleability.
even though it's the worst.

such is life.

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