Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a clean slate.

today is a big day for me. 

today i am free from the menaces of the failings of our system as it were.

 pretty steep proclamation, huh? well i meant it.

strangely, this day is cruising by like any other day. it seems like i should feel more elation or jubilation or some other kind of -ation... instead, i went to work and then the dentist.

ah well. perhaps it's appropriate i fulfill my obligations, on this, the day that i re-enter adulthood...sort of...(when does that actually begin i wonder?)

when you've been living one day at a time for so long, it is wildly exciting and freeing to notice how much time you have in front of you.

here's to a life lived with eyes wide open.

no, this does not connect at all... but i think it would be a huge generational betrayal for me not to blog about what happens in two days. 

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