Friday, July 22, 2011

Here I am

I remember when just getting out of bed or leaving my house for a simple task like washing my car made for a successful day.

Today has me feeling confident that those days are through...

I am astounded at how nice it feels to wake up at a sensible hour and plow through a to-do list. Now I'm sitting with an hour to spare before my noon yoga class at the yoga studio.

And I'm using my spare hour to eat some Vegan Nachos and revel in the peace and calm that has recently washed over my little life.

Last night I wept in gratitude as i was handed a piece of paper. Because that piece of paper felt like the finishing line in those extremely painful last few strides of any race. And I was amazed that something so small and thin could signify an end and a beginning simultaneously.

But I guess that's always how it goes... Endings blurring into beginnings.

It's ironic, or maybe providential, that the worst things in your life can and often do turn you down roads to find the best things in your life.

At least that's been my experience. Not to worry my darlings, I am now well aware of the cyclical nature of life, the danger of stagnation and the constant vulnerabilities of the human spirit.

And I think I can live with all that...

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