Thursday, July 7, 2011


the unexpected losses and unfathomable triumphs seem to be the life blood of youth. 

my capacity for learning and growing and loving seems to be increasing at an unprecedented rate. but what else are your early twenties, if not years for deep and quick expansion?

life feels accessible to me at the moment, so open for interpretation and exploration.

for the first time in years i find myself investing instead of uprooting; it's lovely to feast on that footpath, and the subsequent serenity can be found in my breath. 

last post i mentioned an excursion... well it was an excursion that can only fully be described as dreamy.

{check out my patriotic craftiness!!!}

i'm keeping details to myself for now, but i wanted to mention one bit of the trip that continues to haunt me days later...

whilst in a seemingly innocuous conversation with a certain someone,
i was rendered speechless.

and i must emphasize, that never happens to me. i can always scramble a fragmented sentence or at least an audible "um..." or "sure" . occasionally i will also choose not to respond because i'm upset and know better, or maybe i can't form my words into coherent sentences right away...but at that moment, i was not choosing to be silent, but was put there when my mind and breath abandoned me simultaneously.

my point? i'm flustered. and it's fabulous.


  1. we love this. every time we think about you and your right now, we smile and giggle and talk to each other about it. we love you.

    love ky and cole

  2. I love this, so so so much. You need to call me sweetheart. This is lovely, and I'm impressed with your craftiness

  3. It makes me giddy for you to read this


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