Friday, August 26, 2011

blended segues

i can feel it. i'm standing at the precipice of life as it's going to appear for me. and i'm anxious. i want to jump.

it's the change of seasons (not literally, because it is still a painful 95 degrees here). 

but one phase has ended and another is beginning. transitions, especially anticipated ones can feel so long sometimes. 

i lean towards over preparedness in all aspects of life, and that kind of forethought can really meddle with the present moment and a persons expectations. 

things change quick at this age. ah.. what am i saying? things can change quick at any age. 

so maybe the wisdom lies in being able to adapt just as quickly while staying true.

as i prepare for a few things that are quite unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me, i can see my mind tirelessly wrapping ropes around all the bits of my understanding about life and who i am, hopelessly trying to amass them into one whole consciousness.

and it occurs to me that they are coming regardless of my planning.

life is happening all around me in perfect melodies and seamless segues.

so perhaps all this abstract babble sprinkled with reality is just my way of nodding to the passing time and acknowledging my simultaneous participation and lack of any real control.


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