Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink pills and a heavy head

Day 2 of bed rest and unwitting painkillers.

I've got this belief that my body knows better than my mind. It's a higher intelligence that can guide me to better health if i learn to listen.

It's an ever evolving motion of changing needs that depend on all sorts of variables; from time of year to time of day to life demands, it has to be a constant conversation between mind and body.

Sometimes I miss something crucial and my body acts out to get my attention.

2 nights ago I landed sobbing in the ER with a burst Ovarian cyst ( that might be an over share, but I'm still high/ get over it). Once they had me pumped full of goodness knows what and I could think again I began taking in my situation and feeling what can only be deemed incredible anger...

It's been an extremely rough year marked with not one but three ER visits I really could have done without. Good things do not happen there and I fought the clock and medication the whole time as I was not going to let my guard down and sleep in such a place.

Skip forward 12 hours and I find myself in the loving arms of a non traditional doctor gaining some much needed perspective. What was I missing? Why had my body gone to such drastic measures to get my attention?

I don't know all the reasons but I'm feeling strangely thankful to my woman parts for getting my attention... Maybe they're cleaning house so that I can physically leave all the worst bits of what's happened to them behind.

That's all for now, things are getting foggy again... Ha

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