Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Sometimes I get confused about my age, maturity, abilities, and knowledge. At 17 I knew it all. At 21, I know nothing.

At this retreat I am everyone's little sister or daughter. Some of them are seconds away from pinching my cheeks, and strangely enough, I really like it. It gives me leave to act my age, enjoy my naivety, and ask questions.

There are all kinds of people here; from teachers to neuroscientists to full time yogis. And they're all here in the same spirit of unassuming learning, peace and growth.

In this setting I am finding a new type of humility. Not the type that comes from getting knocked down and broken, but the type that comes from a deep relieving exhale. It's the moment you realize you have nothing to prove and find security in the absolution of your true self.


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