Sunday, August 21, 2011

I know a simple truth

I know a simple truth about people... When we accomplish something hard for us, we like ourselves very much and that kind of confidence then turns in to another hard task accomplished. It looks very different for each of us... But it's the same concept.

I'm going to go ahead and take a leap here in saying that we, as people, are largely if not entirely self limiting. We convince ourselves something is out of reach or out of our capabilities and we resign ourselves to a life of 'could have' kind of thoughts.

I myself have put some of those limits on myself, usually due to circumstance or more realistically fear. Some of the time that's alright.. But then there are those things that if verbalized will have painful holes poked in their logic by those close enough to care.

It's a long way to say that all I needed was someone brave enough to question it and patient enough to allow me time.

I went hiking. Alone. And that is something I had accepted would never be part of my life again. Until the question was raised... I reacted strongly and it took some time... But look at me now.

Picture taken by a friendly hiker.

I want to stick with the brutally honest nature of this blog and admit that I spent the entire hike planning my escape and checking to be sure I had service on my phone. And to be sure, the experience is going to always be a different one for me, because as much as I heal and get strong and forgive... I'm not sure I can ever forget, not entirely.

But I did it. And that's enough for now.

Thank you green eyes.

Location:Rock Canyon

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  1. thats right by my casa! you should have stopped by and said hello, and eaten brunch (our church doesnt start until 1 so its our tiny families tradition). nothing is better then breakfast foods. nothing.


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