Saturday, August 20, 2011

saturday is a special day

i spent today relishing alone time. there's something about a saturday with no obligations that is just so... so necessary sometimes. i used my free day to organize my life and clean my house. :)

once upon a time i wrote (describing myself),
"I like to organize, but I wish I was an artist"

at some point i concluded that i could do both... create and live a productive life. what an extreme and settling realization it was. it occurred to me that i create best when i am organized. 

i'm sitting in my room with a newly cleaned out wardrobe (goodbye pants from high school....) and re-tabbed file cabinet, bills are paid and media files are backed up. Phew.


meet my new portal to organization and creativity

I never meant to become a mac snob!!! it just happened! 

Thank you Dadio. :)


  1. yes! no more taking 5 minutes for me to try and pause grey's anatomy...

  2. this makes me so happy. macbookprolover4lyfe.

  3. now you got macbook.. can I ask you out ?


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