Sunday, September 11, 2011


I dug this out of storage this morning; here is my 11 yr old understanding of that day:

(all grammar and spelling are completely intact)

Hi, Kelly(my journal's name...)
today is going to a day that will be recorded in history. today the world trate centers or twin towers were hit by planes & they collapsed. two planes were hi jacked & then flown into the buildings after the pentagon our countrys military base then another building that is part of the world trade center collapsed as a train reaction but luckily it was evacuated before it happened. we don't know if it is going to end in war or if its only terrerists. I found out about this today on the bus going to school my friend senica came on and started saying "the twin towers blew up" I immediately got scared. our school pretended nothing had happened so kids wouldn't panick or anything. G2G -Kelsey

it should also be noted for humor intent that this entry alternated between print and cursive handwriting...

I remember spending all day glued to the TV and in the coming months our school would organize the sale of books compiling our 5th and 6th grade poetry or letters thanking the heros and heroines of that day for their bravery.

politics aside (mostly because we all know I choose not to have any, ha!)...

I can't believe that happened in my lifetime, and also that I grew up during the tumultuous decade that has followed. A lot of people my age yearn for an earlier time, and most are inordinately drawn to the sixties. What I am realizing is that this decade, the two thousands (or however you say that correctly), is equally as wild, and presents equal opportunities for the passion (or dispassion) of the sixties. Our tools and our issues are different, instead of African Americans or Communists and Women (though these issues are far from put to rest) it's Mexicans or Terrorists and Gays. And instead of print and protests, there are blogs and websites.

I don't think I'm being too bold in saying our reach is far greater than we know, and though I've mentioned before I find myself hesitant or even unwilling to take a hard and fast stance, I am fascinated to be a part of it.

As an interesting digression and commemorative conclusion,'s word of the day is Elegiac: relating to the mourning or remembering of the dead. 

appropriate, no?

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  1. i know i already told you this, but i love this that her name is kelly.


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