Tuesday, September 6, 2011

didn't see that coming

One of the worst parts of beings on pain meds for any amount of time is that life gets a little blended up and it becomes very hard to know what has really happened and what you dreamed. It seems to me that someone confessed an addiction to pornography and someone else is getting hair extensions... the fun part is I don't remember who. ha. best to assume anything that happened in those five days was a dream. alas! I also planned and then unplanned a casino night with chicken fingers....

but yesterday. yesterday did happen. and i wasn't on any medication and i wasn't suffering from premenstrual syndrome. it really did happen. when i wrote this a week ago, i was right. but i really had no way of knowing what exactly i was sensing with my intuitive antennae (hehe, more and more like an insect each post).

it's a hard hit. and it's probably going to feel like a hard hit for a while. but it's fleeting...

and i'll be ok again.

it's all about the big picture anyway..... right?!

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  1. I sure didn't see that coming either! I'm proud of you for standing up for what you deserve.


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