Saturday, September 17, 2011

here goes nothing

i've been meaning to articulate all this for sometime now today seemed like the right time, because today there is a football game happening. between BYU and U of U. apparently it's a big deal.

so as my disdain mounts for the fact that it's a big deal, it is clear that i need to sort through some of this hatred.

where to begin?

 i'll begin with honesty... this thing between me and organized sports is admittedly, a personal vendetta and very little more. so if you're looking for a legitimate argument, best to stop reading now.

it began with a high school football game, in which my dance team was the halftime entertainment. about 2/3 of the way into our dance the football team stormed the field, our music was cut short and we were forcefully and shamefully ushered off the field. i'll be the first to acknowledge that excluding our parents, very few attendees were there to see us. but i think this epitomizes the issue at hand.

more about my experiences with high school football. the high school i attended feeds its players directly into college sports (cough* BYU football * cough), and for this reason along with fiscal gain and skewed pride, money was distributed abundantly to things like new turf and locker rooms for these jocks, when our state championship band could have really used the funding. interesting.

onto college, where i am at personal odds on the daily with the majority. Sports players, namely basketball and football ones get: personal book shoppers (heaven forbid they walk to the bookstore themselves), personal tutors (other students paid to help them through courses), and their very own locker/training rooms (even the other sports players have some resentment about this one).

*** as an aside, how does BYU feel good about the fact that Vivent sponsors them? it makes me think we are more tied to capitalism than i initially wanted to believe. damn.

please don't chide me with arguments of money, i promise that i understand why things are this way, i just don't like it.

i should be clear in saying that while i don't enjoy or understand sports and their faithful followers, it is not the actual game that gets me riled up. it is the games' usurping powers in my life.

bitter much? forgive me, my college revolutionary mindset and a broken heart have got me all worked up and i figured i would write about it before i say something regrettable to my study buddy that's wearing an I Am BYU t-shirt. talk about propaganda!!!! don't even get me started about Rise Up, the other t-shirt theme that seems to go remarkably well with the Raise the Bar proclamation of a few years back. which begs the question of how many of these students know the difference between supporting BYU football and supporting the church authorities?

as i write this i've got one neighbor mowing his lawn in his BYU get-up and another in his defiant U of U get-up, side by side, with nothing to separate them but patches of grass. excuse me while i scurry out of here before things get ugly.

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