Sunday, September 4, 2011

sick of being sick

i think i am my worst self when i don't feel well. i lose patience and perspective. i get grouchy and short with the people that i love. it's awful.

so today is day 5 of the most recent run of such behavior. the first few days i wasn't aware enough to know it. the second few days i tried to push myself into recovery i wasn't ready for, with much frustration. and finally today i just gave up and spent all day in bed. 


then i had a change of perspective. the kind that comes from being just so sick of your current situation that you make a shift.

it happened while perusing this site.

i'm no longer feeling so sorry for myself... because there is more than me on my mind.

as a side note... the exploratory laporsomething or the other went well and we now know what we needed to know. 

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