Wednesday, September 7, 2011

U.S of A

I think ironic is one of the most mis/overused words. so i try not to use it ineffectually.

but it is ironic that i am a declared American Studies major, but when the national anthem plays on campus, i remain supine, reveling instead in the obedient way in which each passing student stands with hand to heart.

or maybe i should subtract the word altogether, because it could also be called beautiful that i can simultaneously enjoy the freedoms of a nation and decline to vote for its leaders.

yes, that is likely just what is so appealing to me about it.

i never mean to do something which i don't understand. so when asked for allegiance, i want to know why and to whom/what, or else count my opinion-positive or negative-out entirely.

i know far too much about the many ways in which propaganda is seeping into my everyday consciousness to voice, let alone stand by any type of opinion.

instead i am devoting myself, in the academic realm at least, to understanding. understanding my heritage (Oh no, did i just become a white girl searching for purpose in her roots?!).

let me clarify, i mean to understand being an "American", the same way i mean to understand being a woman,  or a Mormon, or anything else that i am. Or maybe i intend to understand the Americans around me, to whom i vehemently contradict.

ok ok... i'm being hasty and too intense. i can't encompass enough but i also can't narrow my range at all...

let me subtract the offensive pronoun and state simply.....

Yay for American Studies!


  1. I forgot to tell you! A new guy in my office was an American Studies major. You guys should be friends. Even though he's like 33 and has a bunch of kids. He's pretty neat (in a cool sort of way).

  2. Another overused word - amazing.
    You should register to vote.
    You should vote.
    You stand up for what you believe in.
    I loves to be an American, even though I don't love all Americans:)

  3. Love - loves. It's all the same right?!


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