Saturday, October 1, 2011

I fear the wind

You might think I was quoting a Disney channel original movie created circa 2000, and you'd be right. in part...

but also... I am discussing my complicated relationship with wind. the rush I get standing outside on a windy, unsettled night like this, is unlike any other i know. I would say it's 1/2 fear, 1/4 excitement, and 1/2 pure calming bliss. Tonight an empty suburban street felt like a deep corner of the Uintah's to my skin.

and I became a loan wanderer. of frontiers about to hibernate. but there are no more frontiers of palpable stance, and so my literal mind will have to resign itself to an unimaginable frontier of tradition.

standing in the wind is like an ephemeral grace that draws up a salty wanderlust in me.

so now I'm back inside considering the human impulse to move west (hello Christian Bale, I can take you to Sante Fe), and also the term of "going back east", employed whether you were ever there in the first place or not. like returning to collegiate New England or homesteading mountainous venues.

hell, I'm goin' to Tulsa, OK. OK?
middle America meets up with northern frailty and southern bruit.

and does New York really belong to all of us? (spelled U.S.)

hmm... something to consider while I toil endlessly on the inch thick glue left from 30 yr old vinyl wallpaper on the walls of my bedroom.

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