Sunday, November 6, 2011


i feel like i'm living in a stolen hour. as i drove home in the first snow of the season, the clocks jumped back, and a nonexistent hour appeared.

it seems appropriate and also necessary to write right now. though i'm not so sure i can accurately articulate what is on the tip of my fingers.

i've adopted a new attitude lately. i call what i'm doing

Affirming Life
(thanks Lauren lady)

it's basically a lot of noise in order to find silence. 

i've spent my whole life driving quickly and veering widely one way and then over correcting the other. tonight it feels like the training wheels came off and after a few wobbles, i'm riding with a seriously endearing smile. 

i'm out of analogies.

you guys.
i am starting to get the hang of this. 
and it's way fun. 

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