Wednesday, November 2, 2011

drinking from the firehose

here's the thing about being 21:

there is too much. too much to do. too much to read. too many people to talk to. too many ideas to consider. just too much.

my darling dad calls it drinking from the fire hose: this stage of life where you are willing to open your mind and get a little taste of everything.

but i must say, it gets quite exhausting. today was a 14 hour day. filled with many of my favorite activities and people. the problem was, there didn't feel like there was enough time to devote to each of the things i did today. and that feels like the story of my life.

I know, I know. pick fewer things to interest yourself in. limit the amount of time you spend here or there.

might be the one word advice from a psychologist or my mother.

but i realized that that word means something very different to someone my age than it to does to my mother's age. in fact, it's a fairly nonexistent concept in my generation. because we are drinking from the hire hose. 

yes, there are times when one class may be put on the back burner to see an incredibly poetry reading or when you forfeit tickets to a game to study for chemistry. There may full semesters devoting yourself to a significant other where you fail classes, but learn love. Or times that  you stray from true self in your behaviors and then find yourself back where you mean to do.

The point is that priorities at this age are flexible and maleable and very often changing. and it's simply because we are sorting out which ones really matter.

and that, my friends, that is the point of being 21. to drink from the firehouse. and then hope at some point you can relax and take delicious sips or gulps of the bits of life that grab you most deeply. 

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  1. You said this so well. I've been trying to figure out this being 21 gig and its just tough business. Too much is right.


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