Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This isn't goodbye

I have a lot to say my friends; a full heart is a good thing to have this time of year. 

Life isn't getting any easier, instead it is getting more capacious.
 I've found love. 
And nothing else I can say about it will really let you in on the wonder of life for me right now so I will leave it at that.

This space has been infinitely healing and therapeutic for me. But I've got this person now that seems to serve that purpose. Maybe I'll be back when I need a blank page or a silent sounding board, and I will definitely be back once I have some more tangible (for you guys) things to report. But for now I'll be taking a small hiatus because I am so utterly submersed in my life and I need to live in that reality for a while. 

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  1. You look so darn happy, which makes me happy. Miss you pretty girl!


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