Saturday, May 12, 2012


As I'm in New York and not particularly keen to visit every important site, I have some free time without my darling around, and I find myself wanting to write. It's a good thing. It's a thing I haven't been doing much lately because I've been busy living. And I still am... living that is... just with a little more introspection and examination.

Today I began my training for this. (Acroyoga)

It's a group of about 30 people on the lower west side of New York just playing. Seriously. We're just playing. Mindfully playing I should say.

The teachers of the immersion, Jason Nemer and Chris Loebsack, have decided to organize each day around an element of Chinese Medicine.

Today was EARTH.

We talked about grounding and rooting, which are important elements of AcroYoga. It's important to find the the stability of the earth. Jason phrased it this way: "If you're not in alignment, it's like you're in a constant fight with Mother Earth and Mother Earth is always going to win". The idea being that we need to use gravity to our benefit when we're going upside down and flying other people, etc.

I did walk about from the training today feeling more grounded. This city is crazy. Maybe I'm just a country bumpkin, but there is soo much to see and do all of the time and there are so many people, it's really overwhelming and overstimulating. And I've found that the only way I could stay in this city for any amount of time is with yoga.

When I walked into class thursday night (just because I needed to move, not as part of the training) at Jivamukti  I felt so at home. It was like I could finally breathe in a city that breeds claustrophobia. I took my shoes off and set up in a class where mats were merely inches apart. It felt so good to move and breathe in a group of people I didn't know, I didn't even talk to any of them, yet I felt so a part of them.

Community. That's what yoga is.

The next day was A LOT of walking. Which was wonderful but when I showed up here

to do antigravity yoga, I knew I had made the right choice.

Then this morning I arrived at my little home for the next five days as I explore my body and my mind.

I'm so excited to be here. I feel grounded and solid. And now I am going to sleep for 12 hours before it starts all over tomorrow with metal!


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