Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello again

I sure am good at dropping off the face of the blogosphere. Luckily, I doubt many of you read often enough to notice.

Anyway... since my time in New York I have been playing AcroYoga as often as possible with as many people as possible. My fiance loves it too (lucky me!!!). This photo is of Isaac and I from a bridal yoga photoshoot with Kiera Eve Photography. She is amazing. This is just a shot from her phone, so keep your eye on her blog for the full shoot from her actual camera.

We also got the pictures back from this beautiful shoot with Lianna Michelle Photography- she shoots on film and we love how these turned out!

Not to mention the engagement photos we actually used for our invitations, done by Red Bean Photography. Another pleasure, she captured our personalities and relationship so well, we couldn't have asked for better.

We have been so lucky to have talented people around us to make this whole wedding thing go smoother! We are heading into the month of the wedding (three weeks from Saturday!) and things are coming along wonderfully. It's down to little details and I'm feeling calm and ready. We worked on our ceremony yesterday, which my grandmother will perform. Choosing the words we want to say to one another when we join our lives together was a beautiful experience. It's starting to feel real, and I can't wait! My bridal shower is tomorrow- can't wait to gather all my favorite girls to celebrate this transition in my life!

Oh! One more sneak peek- this is from our actual bridal photo shoot with Tracy Hill Photography (who also happens to be my best friend since I was 7). This is also just from a phone, so keep your eyes on her blog for the actual photos, I think they're going to turn out beautifully!


  1. Your hair is still gorgeous as ever. I'm glad everything is going so well :)

  2. Crazy! Such a sweet story- I'm sorry I'm late to read it. I wish you and your Isaac the happiest of ever afters. <3

  3. Oh my gosh! So many shoots you are getting to do! The "bridal yoga" is amazing- I neverwould have thought of that! Crazy wild!

    It is amazing to see you move on so quickly and so wonderfully.

    I am not anywhere near that... I don't know how you are doing it.


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