Sunday, May 13, 2012

Metal and bad luck

Today's Chinese medicine element was Metal.

At least it was for everyone who didn't get food poisoned by random chinese food. :( I was glued to the toilet for about 8 hours and have been recovering since. I did however, make it to the afternoon session of the immersion and I'm so glad I did. I just watching and sipped coconut water, but still learned a lot. I also felt the support of the yogic community. At least half of the yogis who I just met yesterday asked me how they could help and what was wrong, and all in the most sincere way. I think maybe yoga is my church now. Or rather, my spiritual community. It's a community where we get together and learn to be better, kinder and more compassionate towards each other and ourselves, it seems like that's the idea with any worthwhile religion anyway. (Or at least it ought to be)

I'm on the up and up now and fortunately I still got to go to dinner with my mama after the immersion.

She and I have had a rough go of it the last few years navigating my transition into adulthood mixed with the added drama of my attack and so on. But I feel lucky to have her here supporting me and also to have her supporting me in my life and my forthcoming marriage. I love this woman, she taught me how to be an independent, capable woman.

In other good news, I finally had the courage to check out online the yoga scene in Urbana-Champaign, where Isaac and I will be moving in July. I have been hesitant to do so because of my fear that there wouldn't be something I would like. I have been unbelievably lucky so far in the yoga studios I have taught at and practiced at. Especially my current position at 3Byoga . I love my community there and leaving them will be the hardest part of moving away.

But...onward and upward! There is some promise in a few studios where I'm moving and we're only 2 hours from Chicago! If anything I can create my own yogic community, especially with my newly learned AcroYoga skills. 


Time for some sleep, hopefully I will wake up renewed and ready to learn.

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