Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No expectations

I find myself on a family friend (of the family I'm about to marry into)'s couch in NYC about to fall asleep after a long day of travel.

In two days I will begin the journey of becoming an Acroyoga teacher with my first immersion. Truthfully, I have been trying not to think about it much. This training has been de railed twice now ( once because of my attack and then again because I had to have surgery for my endometriosis) and so I almost haven't wanted to jinx this one. But I'm finally here and I think it's actually going to happen!

There is a little fear that's turning slowly into excitement about the whole thing. Acroyoga is still relatively new to me and requires a lot of trust in yourself and the people around you. It's also pretty physically demanding. Between my recent three week cold (Blerg) and planning a wedding (double Blerg- the wedding planning, not the prospect of marriage) yoga has fallen by the way side a bit this month, I'm ashamed to admit. But I am ready to jump in.

And I am handling it the best way I know how, without expectation. Tomorrow I will wake up with nothing to do but meander in the city and feed myself. Easy. It's a yogi idea, this letting go of expectations, it's goes hand in hand with non attachment, and it's very hard. But I'm in it this time. I don't expect anything from this trip or this training. I don't need anything from it. This way I can fully experience whatever it all turns out to be with without the tint of my "stuff".

I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Youre in NYC with Stephanie Nielson right now! :) You will have a wonderful time, and you will do great and bring home so much in terms of ideas and experiences.

    I say these things with a hope and faith that they will be true! It will be okay!


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