Monday, May 14, 2012


Today's Chinese medicine element was Water.

I woke up feeling tired but better and soon enthusiasm overrode any lasting effects from yesterday's food poisoning. Today was a strong affirmation of what I already knew- I am so meant to do this. Everything about it suits me. Flying and laughing, hard physical challenge, loving kind massage and energy work and health for the body.

One idea we talked about with water is how it takes the path of least resistance. It's a very strong element when put in that situation but mostly it's very mellow. We likened that to yoga. You want to be relaxed where possible and engaged where necessary. I love the idea that there is no reason to do a bunch of extra work that doesn't serve you.  

Here's what lunch at an AcroYoga immersion looks like. We have at least five people taking pictures and a few dozen stopping to watch (in Bryant Park).

Tomorrow is wood. I have no idea what to expect so I'm not going to expect anything. 

Namaste folks,

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