Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shi* just got real

La la land is really fun and we were hoping not to leave it until after our wedding.

But then we had to file for financial aid for med school, and we realized Isaac hasn't ever done his taxes (to his credit they did tell him some years ago he didn't make enough or something, he just forgot to keep checking each year) and then we realized that med school is going to put us in a pile of debt and then we realized how much moving across the country is going to cost and then we realized how much insurance is, etc., etc., etc.

We are laughing in bed right now at ourselves, wondering what we are getting ourselves into. The answer? life.

Welcome to it Kelsey and Isaac, this is how it goes. Paperwork and money and insurance and, and, and. I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, we knew about these things, we've even handled most of them before. Individually. But marriage changes things. All the things.


It's shocking that I feel so calm right now. Like really, I'm basking in serenity. I guess it's like this: if I have to grow up and do life, I want to do it with this man.

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  1. ha. i have a clear memory of that night in our relationship — sitting in the car, watching the rain run down the windshield and talking about student loans. the financial conservative in me got the biggest wake-up call of its life: life is expensive. and that fact sucks.

    but being scraping-by newlyweds (and 3-year-into-it-weds) is an awesomely strengthening experience.

    i'm so excited for you guys.


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