Saturday, September 22, 2012


I miss the mountains. Not because I was some kind of outdoors woman when I lived near them but because they offered a sense of security. Being surrounded by such massive objects was not only beautiful, but it felt safe and enclosed. Here in Urbana, as soon as you leave city limits you're in the midst of corn fields and it's kind of eerie. Both Isaac and I don't like to leave our oasis of our city with big old trees and some really beautiful old homes, I think that's because those corn fields feel very strange to us.

What kind of American's are we, I wonder? Well me, I'm a Utahn. I used to be a little embarrassed to admit that, and for many reasons I still am; however, I can't deny that I was raised in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As for other Illinois adjustments: I have to blow dry my hair here. If I don't, it just never dries, which is awful and problematic for when it gets colder out. But I HATE blow drying my hair. I didn't even own a blow dryer until we moved here. In Utah, my hair air dried to perfectly and easily. My hair is probably nearing two feet in length and sometimes my arms don't even seem equal to the task. Also, it makes me hot and it takes a really long time. Ah well, things could be worse. Maybe I'll chop off my hair.

Other Illinois differences: there are three rows in our grocery store dedicated to liquor. Not 3.2 beer, actual liquor. It's bizarre. Also, the university has fraternities and sororities and accents here are atrocious! It's got me thinking that probably I have some bad Utah habits in my speech. I thought I worked hard to correct them while living there by pronouncing all the letters in Nordstrom and not adding the non-existent "s, or by properly saying "pillow" and "milk", but now I'm getting pretty self conscious that something I say will give me away!

Finally, I miss my friends. Moving to Illinois has been important for me in so many ways, but I miss my old yoga studio and I miss my activist friends and feminist friends.

Luckily we are making friends here too and it is this whole new social landscape that is exciting and new for us. Most of our friends are here getting some type of post graduate degree, or they are professors or some other university employee, and we really like that. Tonight we're going to a get together with some of the crew from my new studio and we're looking forward to it. Tomorrow we're having some Indian friends come over so we can make them Mexican (or a Utah version of Mexican, Cafe Rio).

Just wanted to stop in and record some of what's going on here as well as changes. 

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  1. I hate blow drying my hair too! I totally feel you on that one. I like to hear about you figuring out this new life of yours. What fun :) Love you, pretty girl.


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